About Us

More than half of us in the Middle East have been to the cinema at least once in the past 6 months.

Most of us have wondered why we don’t go more.

Why don’t we go more?

Whether it’s just to escape reality, watch our favorite superhero (or supermodel) or feel inspired at the big screens, movies have a lot to offer us. Even Saudi Arabia thinks so too now.

So we’re here to tell you: Shoofo.

We’re here to be your ultimate guide and cinema companion in the Middle East.

Wherever you are, we’ll tell you which movies are playing, where and provide you with quick and easy to access buy tickets and skip the waiting lines. We will keep you up-to-date and guide you with movie trailers and clips. We are here to make movie planning and ticket buying fast and easy. We’ll also bring you the best offers and deals near you.

Now you can see more movies at the cinema more often.

That’s the aim of Shoofo’s small team from Jordan.

Shoofo.com is now managed by Shoofo for software development.